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Full Version: Bishop Williamson [and the old-SSPX]: The New Mass is Intrisically Evil
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Bishop Williamson [and the old-SSPX]: The New Mass is Intrisically Evil

At roughly the 0:55 minute mark:
Quote:"... The New Mass is in any case illicit. In any case. It's designed to please Protestants, it's designed to undo Catholicism. It's intrinsically offensive to God, it's intrinsically evil. That's how it was designed and that's how it turned out."

At roughly the 2:40 min mark:
Quote:"If the New Mass is valid but illicit, may I attend? NO! ... The fact that it's valid does not mean it's ok to attend."
Since 2015 - the 'new' Bishop Williamson [taken from The Recusant]:

On the New Mass:

· There are Eucharistic miracles happening in the New Mass. These miracles are genuine and they have lessons for Traditional Catholics.

· The New Mass can nourish your Faith.

· Though it is the principal destroyer of the Church, the New Mass can give grace and spiritual nourishment.

· Attending the New Mass may do more good than harm spiritually.

· The problem with the New Mass is that it is ambiguous.

· Though not as good as the Traditional Mass, the New Mass is better than nothing.

· Though dangerous, the New Mass is helping souls to keep the Faith.

· Not everyone should avoid the New Mass and not every New Mass should be avoided.

· The New Mass can be what you make of it. A priest can celebrate it decently, a layman can attend it devoutly. Those who say otherwise are flying in the face of reality.

· How will your children/grandchildren keep the Faith? By going to the New Mass.

· The Council of Trent says that there is grace in the New Mass, as long as it is valid.

· People who say that you don’t get grace from the New Mass are just looking down their noses at Novus Ordo Catholics as though they’re trash. They almost don’t believe that Novus Ordo Catholics have souls.

· Because the New Mass is a mixture of good parts and bad parts, good people can use it to keep the Faith whilst remaining within the Novus Ordo.

· That some people find their way out of the New Mass and come to Tradition proves that the New Mass was giving them grace, which is what allowed them to do it.

· Novus Ordo Catholics who don’t understand about the problems with the New Mass can go to the New Mass and receive grace from it.

· Traditional Catholics who do understand about the problems with the New Mass can go to the New Mass and receive grace from it.

· Almighty God and His Blessed Mother are using the New Mass to save the souls of Novus Ordo Catholics in the Novus Ordo and through the Novus Ordo.

· Many New Masses are liberal and can’t be attended. Others aren’t and can be.
Another example of how the 'traditional' Bishop Williamson used to preach on the New Mass: 

Quote:In 1969 Pope Paul VI laid hands on the Mass, and "freed" it from its ancient rite, named Tridentine from the Council of Trent when Pope Pius V codified it, but actually going much further back in time, parts even to the very beginning of the Church. Paul VI was "up-dating" the rite of the Mass, to make it also more acceptable to non-Catholics, in particular to Protestants. And since many Catholics live their religion principally through attendance at Mass, then it was Paul VI's New Order of Mass, or "Novus Ordo", which dramatically advanced the Vatican II process of transformation of millions and millions of Roman Catholics into Roman Protestants. - Letter of Bp. Williamson re Fraternity of St. Peter, December 1999
From the SSPX Archives [2003]

However, even if we could be certain of the validity of the Novus Ordo Masses celebrated in today’s Conciliar churches, it does not follow that they are pleasing to God. Much to the contrary, they are objectively sacrilegious, even if those who assist at them are not aware of it. By such a statement, I do not mean that all those who celebrate or assist at the New Mass are necessarily in mortal sin, having done something directly insulting to Almighty God and to our Divine Savior.

Sacrilege is a sin against the virtue of religion, and is defined as "the unbecoming treatment of a sacred person, place or thing as far as these are consecrated to God" (Jone, Moral Theology, p.108). The moral theologians explain that sacrilege is in itself and generally a mortal sin (ex genere suo), but that it is not always a mortal sin, because it can concern a relatively small or unimportant thing. Here we are speaking of a real sacrilege, the dishonoring of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, by the elimination of the prayers and ceremonies that protect its holiness, by the absence of respect, piety and adoration, and by the failure to express the Catholic doctrine of the Mass as a true propitiatory sacrifice for our sins. [...]

Likewise with the New Mass. It can be an objectively mortal sin of sacrilege if Holy Communion is distributed in the hand or by lay ministers, if there is no respect, if there is talking or dancing in church, or if it includes some kind of ecumenical celebration, etc. It can also be an objectively venial sin of sacrilege if it is celebrated with unusual respect and devotion, so that it appears becoming and reverential to Almighty God. This in virtue of the omissions in the rites and ceremonies, which constitute a true disrespect to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and to the Blessed Trinity, and of the failure to express the true nature of what the Mass really is. In each case, the subjective culpability is an altogether other question that God only can judge.

However, regardless of the gravity of the sacrilege, the New Mass still remains a sacrilege, and it is still in itself sinful. Furthermore, it is never permitted to knowingly and willingly participate in an evil or sinful thing, even if it is only venially sinful. For the end does not justify the means. Consequently, although it is a good thing to want to assist at Mass and satisfy one’s Sunday obligation, it is never permitted to use a sinful means to do this. To assist at the New Mass, for a person who is aware of the objective sacrilege involved, is consequently at least a venial sin. It is opportunism. Consequently, it is not permissible for a traditional Catholic, who understands that the New Mass is insulting to Our Divine Savior, to assist at the New Mass, and this even if there is no danger of scandal to others or of the perversion of one’s own Faith (as in an older person, for example), and even if it is the only Mass available.