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Full Version: Canadian truckers’ ‘Freedom Convoy’ lists demands to Trudeau: end COVID mandates now
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Canadian truckers’ ‘Freedom Convoy’ lists demands to Trudeau: end COVID mandates now
The pro-freedom activists want an end to 'all vaccine passports, including inter-Canada passport systems,' and the elimination of all 'mandatory programs of vaccination and contact tracing.'

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Canadian Freedom Convoy
Rebel News / screenshot

Wed Jan 26, 2022 - 7:21 pm EST
(LifeSiteNews) – The Freedom Convoy has released a list of demands – including removing COVID jab mandates for all Canadians – it says it is hoping will be met by the government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after it arrives in Ottawa this weekend.

According to a Western Standard report, demands from the group to the Trudeau government include terminating “all vaccine passports, including inter-Canada passport systems,” along with eliminating all “mandatory programs of vaccination and contact tracing.”

The group also wants the rights of those who are vaccine-free to be respected, and wants “divisive rhetoric attacking Canadians who disagree with government mandates” to be stopped at once.

Additionally, the group wants an end to censorship of those with opinions contrary to the government.

The Freedom Convoy began its “slow roll” to Ottawa this past weekend, and once in Ottawa, many in the convoy plan to stay there until the government of Trudeau meets the group demands to remove all COVID restrictions and mandates.

While the convoy has no official leader as it is a grassroots movement, the “Freedom Convoy 2022” Facebook and GoFundMe group has raised over $5.5 million in under two weeks.

A website called Canada Unity has a webpage that goes over the routes the convoy is taking.

The convoy has gained support from law enforcement, such as Durham Police Constable Erin Howard, along with many Conservative Party of Canada politicians.

Convoy will be peaceful and follow all laws

Tamara Lich, the main organizer behind the “Freedom Convoy 2022” group, says the convoy is a peaceful protest, pointing out she has been working with law enforcement to ensure that it is done in accordance with all local laws.

Lich noted that if anyone in the convoy sees someone acting outside the law, that person is to be reported to the police at once as he or she is “not part” of the official convoy.

“We are not here to create more division. We are here to stand up together and we are here to love one another and forgive one another,” Lich said in a Facebook message over the weekend.

Lich has come under attack from Trudeau’s former advisor and friend Gerald Butts, who said this past weekend that Lich is a “separatist” and questioned what she would do with the “money.”

However, Lich was unfazed by Butts, and sent him an open invitation to meet her to have a coffee when she arrives in Ottawa.

Chris Barber of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, a trucker driving in the convoy and is also one of the “Freedom Convoy 2022” organizers, said in an online video posted Monday that the group is not “anti-vaccination” but rather “anti-government mandates.”

The group has also said that claims they are some sort of “terrorist” organization are “categorically false and an attempt to smear” the freedom convoy.

Video from Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy shows just how big the protest is

Video and images on social media show the sheer scale of just how large the Freedom Convoy is.

Some estimates put the convoy at over 100 kilometers in length as it passed through Winnipeg, Manitoba yesterday.

Aerial video posted by Rebel News shows the massive caravan, which might well be the longest in history making its way into Winnipeg.

As the caravan entered Winnipeg, thousands of people braved the extreme cold to greet the convoy with many holding signs of support and waving flags of all kinds.

“INSANE: Winnipeg has come out in force! This ain’t Trudeau’s town,” tweeted Keean Bexte from the Counter Signal.

Another video posted by the Shaun Newman Podcast shows just how many vehicles were part of the convoy as it entered Winnipeg.

Earlier in the day as the convoy was making its way through the province of Saskatchewan, thousands came out to support the truckers, also braving the cold.

An aerial view of the convoy between Whitewood and Moosomin, Saskatchewan gives scope as to what awaits Trudeau and his cabinet this coming weekend.

Some estimates put the total amount of truckers who will take part in the caravan at well over 50,000 trucks and more than half a million people.

The jab mandate for truckers was first announced on November 19, 2021, by the federal government and took effect on January 15.

The U.S. government has enacted a mandate like Canada’s that took effect on January 22.

Some Canadian trucking companies have already reported driver shortages as a direct result of the COVID jab mandate for all haulers crossing the border.

And the new policy has already caused food supply issues  as well, hitting eastern Canada hard.

Pictures of empty shelves in grocery stores, especially in Ontario, are becoming common.
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