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Full Version: The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the French Revolution
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Lyrics for the opening hymn "O Sacred Heart' by F. Stanfield (1835-1914) was written for the conversion of England:

"O Sacred Heart, Our home lies deep in thee. On earth thou art the exile's rest, In heaven the glory of the blest, O Sacred Heart. O Sacred Heart, Thou fount of contrite tears; Where'er those living waters flow, New life to sinners they bestow, O Sacred Heart. O Sacred heart, Bless our dear native land; May England's sons in truth e'er stand, With faith's bright banner still in hand, O Sacred Heart. O Sacred Heart, Our trust is all in thee; For though earth's night be dark and drear, Thou breathest rest where thou art near, O Sacred Heart. O Sacred Heart, When shades of death shall fall, Receive us 'neath thy gentle care, And save us from the tempter's snare, O Sacred Heart. O Sacred Heart, Lead exiled children home, Where we may ever rest near thee, In peace and joy eternally, O SACRED HEART!"