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Full Version: A Short Treatise: Ancient Confraternity of Our Blessed Lady of Mount Carmel , 1850
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A Short Treatise on the Ancient Confraternity of Our Blessed Lady of Mount Carmel called,
The Scapular

by the Rev. R. J. Colgan, D.D. S.M.T, 1850

. . . . . Above all other confraternities, that of the blessed Scapular, or of the habit of the most blessed and ever glorious Virgin Mary, hath for these many years been the popular Devotion throughout the whole christian world; insomuch, that all states of life, both secular and ecclesiastical, have continually procured, and with earnest affection still do desire to be invested with this sacred livery, and have worn it day and night, as a most precious garment, as an earnest pledge from heaven, for those that devoutly receive it, both of temporal and spiritual graces: and also of eternal salvation, as the most holy Virgin promised to her beloved son, St. Simon Stock, general of the Order of the Carmelites, by a supernatural revelation, in which she presented him with the Holy Scapular of her Order, and a sign of her Confraternity, about the year 1251. See Carthegena, Hom. 4. Homil. de B. V. Maria de Monte Carmeli.

Wherefore the singular prerogatives of this holy Confraternity of the Scapular, above all others, are first, that it is no human invention, having its institution immediately from heaven. Secondly, that it is favored with the singular protection of the Queen of Heaven, who is the patroness and advocate of this Confraternity. Thirdly, that it hath the promise of eternal salvation. Fourthly, it avails much to abreviate the expiating pains of Purgatory. Finally, ever since its first institution it hath been favored by Almighty God with many graces and miracles, insomuch, that by means of the sacred Scapular, the sick have frequently been restored to their former health.

Women in travail have been miraculously assisted. This sacred habit also hath appeased violent tempests, when it hath been cast into the sea by those that were in danger. Briefly, it is known by daily experience, that the Scapular is a sovereign preservative and remedy against all the evils of this life.

God of his infinite mercy grant that this small labor may succeed for His glory, to the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Patroness of Mount Carmel, and finally to the eternal salvation of our souls.--pages 9 - 11

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