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Full Version: Prayers for the Conversion of a Child
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Taken from the the Book “Mother Love a Manual for Christian Mothers” – page 134-135

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Prayers for the Conversion of a Child

To the Heart of Jesus

    O Heart of Jesus, I humbly prostrate myself before Thee, adoring Thee as the heart of my Lord and my God!  Pardon the sins by which I have offended Thee and rendered myself undeserving of Thy mercies.  For Thine own sake, O Lord, for the honor and glory of Thy infinite mercy, have pity on me!  Hearken to my supplications for grace and salvation for my strayed child.  From all eternity Thou hast loved it and borne it in Thy Heart.  Have mercy on it.  Thou dost will that it should be converted and live.  Effect in it what Thou hast decreed.  Thou canst do all that Thou wilt!  Thou dost not will the perdition of my child.  Draw him (her) from the deep abyss into which he (she) has sunk.  From Thy cross Thou didst draw all to Thyself – loosen the bonds in which he (she) lies chained. Thou hast bought him (her) at a great price – take possession of Thy property.  He (she) was once dedicated to Thee in holy Baptism – let not Thine enemies rejoice longer over him (or her).  Thou hast opened in Thy Church a fountain of pardon and grace – lead him (her) to where he (she) may imbibe new life.  O give me back the child that hell has torn from my embrace!  Thou, O Heart of Jesus, canst do this!  Hearken to the prayers of Thy Blessed Mother, of Thy saints, and of all the elect for this my child, that once belonged to their society, but now is so far astray.  Listen to my prayers, the prayers of a mother, O Thou who canst not hear unmoved a mother’s supplication for her child!  Grant me what is dearest to me on earth, the salvation of my child, and I will eternally praise thy holy name!  Amen.

To the Heart of Mary

    O Heart of Mary, most maternal Heart, sweet Comfort of all in distress!  To Thee I have recourse, to thee I confide my sorrow! My child has abandoned his (her) God, my child is the slave of sin!  Have pity on me, a poor mother, and help me in my affliction.  I remind thee of the heartrending sorrow Thou didst endure when Thou didst pillow the head of thy Crucified Son on thy maternal bosom.  My child is also dead, dead as to his (her) precious soul!  Would that in innocence he (she) had endured the death of the body!  He (she) is help captive by the spirits of hell, who are forcing him (her) into the abyss!  O my Mother, thou wilt not permit this to happen!  Throughout the whole earth, thy Heart is magnified as the refuge of sinners – thou wilt not allow my child to be lost!  Thou hast gained for so many restoration to the grace and love of God – prove the power of thy motherly intercession in the case of this sinful soul.  I remit it into thy hands.  I place it in thy maternal arms.  Receive it, O kindest of mothers!  Press it to thy bosom!  Enclose it in thy heart until life is restored to it and hell is forced to retreat.  And then, dear Mother, protect the conquest that thou hast gained; preserve what thou hast granted; watch over what thou hast sown; increase what thou hast planted.  Lead, O sweet friend of souls, this soul that is now staying in darkness on the brink of the abyss, into the way of life and salvation, that, during life here below and throughout all eternity, it may unceasingly praise and exalt thy maternal goodness and mercy.  Amen.