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Full Version: SSPX-MC Sorrowful Heart of Mary YouTube Channel has a BitChute Channel too!
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Dear friends, 

The wonderful people behind the YouTube channel 'SSPX Marian Corp' have created a BitChute Channel as well.  It can be found here: SSPX-Marian Corps, Sorrowful Heart of Mary

As with YouTube, you can create an account and subscribe to be notified of newly published videos as they are available.

Please offer a little prayer for these good souls in thanksgiving for all the hard work they do for us so that we are able to hear the excellent sermons of Frs. Hewko and Ruiz, Archbishop Lefebvre, and all the Catechisms, Conferences, etc. that they make available for us all!
Just an FYI: With so much internet censorship, it is become increasingly necessary to download personal copies of the sermons, catechisms, etc. 

Here is an example of a website that will download BitChute videos for you to your computer in MP4 format for free -
I decided to try and access this channel through Google and I was met with something that sickened me! On the front page of Bitchute there was a bunch of impure and vulgar videos advertised right there for all to see!

Bitchute is not censored like YouTube and because of it, anyone can post whatever video they desire. The risk for someone to see or watch something they shouldn't is much higher as a result. I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone and I will not be telling anyone I know about the channel on Bitchute. 

I realize it was probably done because a video was taken off the YouTube channel but we should be grateful it wasn't the sermons being taken off. I do not believe that using Bitchute that has much vulgar content is worth it to post one video that was taken off YouTube. That is merely my opinion.
Hello Pax Vobiscum.
I have just now clicked onto the bitchute channel link and there is nothing from the top of the page to the bottom except Fr. Hewko's sermons.
Perhaps going to Bitchute in general searching no doubt could find some disturbing immoral images, but youtube is no exception.
There are plenty of immoral images and full blown vulgarity on youtube don't you know? 
Youtube even has pop ups ads occasionally across the youtube video screen while the youtube video is playing a sermon near the end to advertise a host of other videos available on their platform other than SSPX-MC. Those they suggest are never anything I would want to view.
However even this can be avoided easily enough if you use something like Mozilla Firefox, wherein you can add their ad blocker.
I will say I have never had popup ads happen when watching a Bitchute video.  
Anyone looking for evil will easily find it anywhere. 
Thank you to 'SSPX Marian Corp' for their continued work in kindly making the sermons available for us.
That was good advice and well said, Deus Vult. Just a small addition that may help Pax Vobiscum with your suggestion is this link to the page on that will lead her/him directly to Frs. Hewko & Ruiz's sermons and will totally bypass the 'front page" of Bitchute:

It's a good way to practice custody of the eyes, online version! Just as turning away from ugly pictures and such while at the grocery store.

We're building a Rumble channel as well...slowly...but perhaps you'd prefer that as an option (you'll find the Rumble link on the same page).

I hope this is helpful...
God bless!